Hello to all on the Fusion Central forum!

I have been asked by Vince Carter to come on over here and throw my two cents into the mix, as he's been perusing the Unexplained Mysteries forum, where I participate in the Space and Astronomy section, as well as previously in the Conspiracies and Secret Societies section, in the "Moon Hoax" discussions, and he has honored me with a request to come here and participate.

I am basically a space flight guy, with experience in that area, as well as in aviation, and engineeering.

I'm involved in other things as well, and tend to comment in various areas of discussion, but I became intersted a while back in the idea I saw proliferating on the internet that the Apollo moon landings may have been faked.

At first, the idea was a bit untoward :confused: , from my perspective, but I realized that there is an entire generation and a half that has grown up without exposure to anyting quite as compelling as the Apollo program. From looking at what people say regarding this thing, I can clearly see that there is an completely understandable lack of knowledge concerning the sciences and technologies surrounding that program, and I, at least, can understand how some folks could be led to believe that the thing was faked.

My purpose in getting involved in such discussions is not to argue, per-se, but rather to provide information regarding things that are likely not generally known by the believers of these theories. Over at UM, I have a thread geared spoecifically to questions and answers about space flight, and of course, the Apollo program.

Vince has gone through this threads, and some others, and decided to ask me to come here and open some discussions....

So, here I am, and shall plant a seed or two as soon as possible!
Hello and Welcome to the forums... it's good to see a member actually put a little effort into an intro for once. Hopefully you'll be able to bring some interesting discussions and give info on a variety of topics, as you've said you will... post a lot, and stay active.
Oh quit your bitching, Mal... I'd rather read a bit longer of an intro than most of these "Hi, I'm new, bye" intros that we see...


Yo whats sup wecome to FC stay a lot...and DONT spam


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Yay! We got a smart one on our hands^^; Welcome to the forums MID. It will be a pleasure to have u on here as u can see, u write life stories like some of us do on here which of course is something that pwns all the other members that don't lol^^; But I do hope to see u around the forums so don't become an MD or Sports Junkie...plz ;_; We have enough of those already