Bride to be found


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I was watching the press conference yesterday and for some reason, I knew that she bailed out because her wedding is today. But it's good that she is safe. If she was feeling to much pressure, she should of talked to her husband instead of letting him worry about her missing.


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this is becomeing a really disturbing trend. Women dissappearing because they have cold feet/trying to stay out of trouble. I can think of 4 or 5 instances in the last year alone, where there were searches for women who "dissappeared" and they set it all up themselves...

This case alone, there was a MAJOR search party involved, people who could have been doing something else (law enforcement or otherwise). what a complete waste, I hope the woman gets charged with something


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They live just a few minutes away from me. It was all over our news, yours too I guess. I know she handled it the wrong way, but I sure am glad she's okay. Remember the Scott Peterson thing? I still can't get over that!!


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The reason why this IS such a disgusting and horrifying thing is because her family and friends do remember the Scott Peterson thing, as you put it. This woman should be both ashamed and charged for her selfish act. Can you imagine the way she caused her loved ones to worry and think that she could be going through hell or worse, be dead? I cannot believe they aren't charging her!! :mad:


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I hope they charge her with something. All the man hours the city paid for to look for her. The people that searched. The people she hurt. Its very disturbing. She had to know that they were going to call the cops. At least a false statement or something. Show these people that they wont be tolerated to do this kind of stuff!


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I will say one thing in her defense...she could have had been in a temporary state of mental instability...i've been in a relationship that i couldn't bring myself to get out don't think correctly...then one day you know its time to go and you just leave in whatever manner feels easiest and safest to you at that what she didn't wasn't right, and she should get in trouble...i just think they should keep that in mind
1_ares_1 said:
You probably will not like this comment, it is just my opinion....
I believe "COWARD" sums it up! Why is it that we as humans find it easier to hide from lifes probems than to confront them? Once again proof positive that the easy way out, never remains "easy"!