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Bride arrives at wedding in a coffin


Free Spirit
Staff member
For most brides, turning up to their wedding in a horse-drawn carriage might be the best way to kick off the big day in style.

But Jenny Buckleff had other ideas about how to make an impact with her arrival.

The 58-year-old shocked guests when she turned up at her own wedding in a coffin adorned with a picture of the Grim Reaper.

Each to their own but I think this is strange to say the least. A little too morbid for me. Possible it was her way of saying marriage is a death sentence.:) Then again maybe she though she would make the news.

Wonder what she would have done if they put her in the back of a Hearst then dropped her off at the cemetery.:eek:



Registered Member
Woulda been totally cool for a creepy goth wedding but the dress wasnt black and she looks all happy. =/ So yeah for that wedding the coffin was seriously wrong. She probaly just did it for media attention...