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Movies Brick


Treize Khushrenada

A focus features film about a young man who's girlfriend was killed in a high school conspiracy...

Ok, theres no other way to put it. This movie was completely awesome. A friend of mine had been wanting to see it since it first appeared on the internet. Now, I was never to thrilled to go watch it, but for her I was willing to try it out. Well, it started out only playing in New York, but thanks to a new theater opening in a near by city we were able to go watch it. Now when I say near by... I mean a two and a half hour drive. Anyway, after seeing the movie I was glad for every minute I spent driving and every dime I spent on tickets for my friend and me.

This movie takes a high school scene and throws in old school detective movie style. Just flipping loved it. The guy goes through hell going through the different school cliques and through the vice principal who considers him a link into the underworld crime lords of the high school. Even a modern day King Pin of crime who he ends up coming face to face with. This is probably the most original and creative movie I have ever seen.

If you get a chance watch it!


Never heard of it, sounds like something i'd like though. Is it at video stores or is it somethin special i couldnt find at blockbuster?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Seems very interesting, but I doubt it will ever ome out in Canada. If it ever does come out i'll make sure to rent it. Thanks for the suggestion cause I like those types of movies.