Brian Kendrick


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Now that it looks like Paul London may be getting a role in the HBK/Jericho & Cade feud, my mind went to Brian Kendrick.

Do you think we'll be seeing him on SD! soon? What role would you like to see him in?

I'd like to see a high flying heel. That's a rarity. Towards the end of the tag team run with London, he was starting to act cocky. I say go with it.


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From what I'm hearing he'll be getting a solid role on Smackdown here in the near future. I am very interested in seeing what he can do as a heel and where he goes as a singles competitor. He's skilled enough to be a solid midcard heel.
The near future is this week... SPOILER ALERT!
He'll be coming to SmackDown! this week with a bodyguard fighting Jimmy Wang Yang, I believe

It should be good!