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Brian Kendrick finally hits his TNA stride


Living in Ikoria
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For those who haven't been following TNA closely, Brian Kendrick is really excelling in the X-Division as of late.

He had a feud for one month with Douglas Williams after becoming number one contender, and in that time had some solid matches and an incredible promo (look it up, it was really creative and unique). Soon, the fans started getting behind him and cheering for him big time.

He had a great match at Slammiversary for the title, but lost. On "iMPACT!" this week, he assaulted Williams after his match with one of the members of Generation Me, while the crowd kept chanting "Brian Kendrick!" Looks like his feud for the title is just getting started, perhaps.

Thoughts on Kendrick being a major player in the X-Division?


I am the woolrus
Definitely for it. What's impressed me aswell though has been his persona. He cut a GREAT promo on iMPACT before Slammiversary

YouTube - Brian Kendrick Promo

I love the way they're doing this Williams feud aswell. With Williams utilising a high flying move against Kendrick and Kendrick ustilising a technical wrestling submission against Williams. Hopefully they have a rematch at Victory Road and Kendrick gets his hands on the title. I think he'll definitely be the one to take it from Williams.


Living in Ikoria
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That's the promo I was referring to! So awesome.
I'm curious what people think of Kendrick's TNA angle..kind of the half crazy/half genious hippy/zen guy.

Personally, I love it. I think it's creative and that he carries it well. With the Kendrick chants going on, I'd love to see it continue and grow in popularity. That's just my hope as a Kendrick fan, though.
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Living in Ikoria
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This keeps getting better and better, I think TNA management is recognizing it and continuing forward with Kendrick. I'd love this to end with him as X-Divsion champ for a good while.

This week on "iMPACT!" Kendrick came out to a whining Douglas Williams, with the crowd behind him. It ended with Williams trying to jump Kendrick and Kendrick again putting him in the body-scissors cobra clutch choke. At the next PPV, they'll be having a match for the title that can either end by Ultimate-X or submission. Kendrick's beating Williams at his own ground game and Williams has been using a jumping Tornado DDT from the ropes for victories.

Probably one of the most underrated feuds going in wrestling at the moment!