Brewers fire Ned Yost

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Millz, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. Millz

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    MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2008


    MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee Brewers today announced that Ned Yost has been dismissed from his position as manager of the Club. The announcement was made by Brewers Executive Vice President and General Manager, Doug Melvin.

    “This was a very difficult move to make, and we appreciate all of the work that Ned has done to develop this team into a contender,” Melvin said. “In the end, this was a collaborative decision made to put our Club in the best position for the final two weeks of the season.”

    Dale Sveum, the Brewers third base coach, will take over in an interim role as manager for the remainder of the season. Bench Coach Ted Simmons has been reassigned to an advisory role. Any other coaching changes will be announced later.

  2. Babe_Ruth

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    This is a really surprising move, I expected him to get fired if they missed the playoffs, but not when there's around 12 games to be played. I think this is pretty stupid from the Brewers organization.
  3. Millz

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    I think its stupid too but it MIGHT jumpstart them as well. Or it could have the opposite effect. I think the BRewers think they are the New Jersey Devils or something.

    There are alot of BRewer people who didnt like Nost anyways so who knows what'll happen,
  4. Major

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    This kind of goes along with the thread I made a few weeks ago about coaches getting fired too quickly. I don't understand why any team would fire a coach near the end of the season when the team is fighting for a playoff spot. What did he do wrong? It's not like there were any off-the-field issues, as far as I know. It's just ridiculous.

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