Brett Favre


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I just wanted to start a Brett Favre thread. A lot of people and football analyst have said that he should of retired a long time ago, and I admit he struggle during the last few seasons, but he didn't have a good offensive line, and the defense sucked, but that has changed this season, and now he's leading the Packers to a 10-1 record which is amazing. He seems to improving every game. I personally think this will be his last season, and he's doing everything he can to lead this team to the promise land once again.



Yeah, I wrote him off and was on the Brett Favre should retire bandwagon for at least two years. That being said, I love the guy as a player b.c. he is exactly what a football player should be. Tough, smart, and always says the right things to the media. I hope he plays til he can't play anymore and with the team the Pack now has that could be 4-5 more years! LMAO...I know I'll be cheering him on especially to make the SUPER BOWL AND UPSET THE PATTIES.