Bret Hart's greatest matches..


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Alright I'm starting this new thing and it's called greatest matches. Every week or so I will choose a different wrestler. You have to chose your favorite matches of this particular wrestler and you have to say why you liked it. It's a must that you give a description of why you liked the match.

The first wrestler that I have chosen which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone is Bret the Hitman Hart. Here are a few matches that I really enjoyed from The Hitman.

Bret Hart vs Hakushi - In Your House 1
Just like at many other PPVs, Bret was depended on to wrestle multiple matches at the first IYH. The first one happened to be against newcomer, Hakushi. After a slow start and a couple of awkward moments, both guys built up to an entertaining and suspenseful match. Bret's style of slow precise hits mixed with some technical went very well with Hakushi's high flying ways. In this match you'll see a Bronco Buster (Before X-Pact used it), an Asai Moonsault (Before Ultimo Dragon did it in the States), a Vader Bomb (A year before Vader came to the WWE) and other moves. Even though Bret was without the title in 1995, he showed that he could work with virtually anyone and produce a different kind of match. This is a good example of that.

Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect - Summerslam 1991
One of the biggest criticisms of Hennig was his overselling. However, he kept it to a bare minimal (Perhaps it was because of the back). Bret had had the popularity for a few years, but it was this match that truly launched him as a legit star. Definitely the best match of all time in my book.

Bret Hart vs Diesel - Survivor Series 1995
Diesel's year long reign as WWE champion was an utter failure. Not only in buyrates, but also in quality of matches. Luckily for Diesel, to end his reign, Vince booked him against the one man who got a good title defense out of him earlier (Royal Rumble 1995), Bret Hart. Bret was a lot more aggressive than he normally is which really changed the story of their match from their previous bouts. This one match beats out anything Nash would do with anyone else (Even the Good Friends, Better Enemies match) with Bret pulling out another 'Best Match of their Career'. See a trend here?

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Nice choices.

I'd have to choose Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 1995....definitely a great iron man match, and it was good to see both men go the distance, and alot of technical prowess on Bret Harts behalf, and of course the showstopper who's proven without a shadow of a doubt that he can just out perform anyone when it comes to the biggest stage of them all.


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I think all three of those were on the Bret Hart DVD because I've seen all three. Good choices indeed. I'll name a couple that aren't on your list.

One obvious one: Wrestlemania 13, Bret Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin in a submissions match. This was the start of Austin's face turn and eventual main event push in the WWE. He can thank Hart for alot of his exposure. Undertaker and Sid went on last but this match stole the show in Chicago. It is highly regarded as one of the greatest Wrestlemania matches in history and I would definitely agree. It was hard nosed but also very technical. It had everything you wanted in a classic matchup. Hart won but Austin didn't tap...perfect booking decision.

More to come...