Bret Hart talking again...

Bret Hart appeared on The Ferrall Show this past Friday night, and listener Agahzi Giorgis has sent in the following recap:

Bret said he wouldn't appear in front of a live WWE crowd again. There is too much emotion that goes into and he just can't do it. Also says he feels useless as his body can't handle anything physical anymore.

He thinks he pretty much buried the hatchet with Vince McMahon. If WWE called him, he would appear but it would have to be from his house. When a caller asked if he would do a voiceover for a video game, Bret replied " All they have to do is call me and pay me. I'll do the rest."

A caller asked him to go over the last few moments of the Montreal incident. Bret talks about spitting "an omelette" into Vince's face. He also mentions how Rick Rude and Bulldog were like school children waiting for him to hit Vince. He said he uppercut Vince and that McMahon fell out arms and legs wide apart on the floor completely out cold. All the while he claims, "Shawn (Michaels) sat in the corner blubbering and crying."

He wished Brock Lesnar all the best and he thinks Brock will be a very good MMA fighter. He spoke highly of Brock the entire time. He says that Brock vs. Kurt Angle at WrestleMania
was his favorite match since he's left the business.

A caller recounted Kurt Angle saying Triple H is a huge ******* and asks Bret who, besides Vince and Shawn, are the biggest ******** in his opinion. "Hunter is right up there, they all belong together," Bret said.

Bret said WWE will always be around because wrestling fans are loyal and will always be there to keep the business around. He thinks that things need to go back to basics. More wrestling and less soap opera.

Bret hasn't had any contact with Owen's widow or kids since 2004. He tries to call them on birthdays and holidays, but there's no answer. He thinks it's because he's no longer on bad terms with Vince McMahon. Most of his other siblings, however, are openly welcomed by Martha Hart. Bret admits that there are certain "cliques" among the Hart kids and out of his 9 living siblings, he only keeps in contact with 4 or 5 of them. The rest, he hasn't seen since his father's death in 2003.

He's proud of Natalya Neidhart and DH Smith and wishes them the best.

Bret said he did steroids when they were legal, but stopped once there was a crackdown on them.

Bret's recent marriage ended because his wife wouldn't leave Italy. Bret tried to make it work and live there, but he says Italy makes Canada look like Hawaii. It was cold and there was no heat.

Bret says rumors of him dating Gail Kim are false. Gail Kim is still married to Danny Basham.

A lot of the same here. Nothing much new with him; he's still upset about the pass. It's like he's frozen in time, or at least the biggest highlight in his life - and what people like to comment on most of all - is about his real life feud with HBK and Vince.

Gail Kim is married to Danny Basham? That was the biggest shock of the story. O_O;
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I totally agree with you Turkey, I always hoped that Bret Hart would make an appearance again on a live show, it doesn't have to be as a wrestler, it could be anything. But I believe him when he says he'll never appear again on live television when it comes to wrestling.
At first I thought it was just because of Shawn Michaels and Vince, but after reading it, I found out it was also about his body not being in good condition to wrestle. For me, too, it feels like a part died. I always thought that he was bluffing when he wouldn't be returning to wrestle, but sadly, now we know. :'(


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Well we all knew he was never going to WRESTLE again because of the stroke he had but I wouldnt have minded a live appearance but I can understand why he doesnt want to do that. Bret doesnt owe it to us to do that...he's moved on with his life and accepted a HOF induction...that's good enough for me.


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found out yesterday that he's making an appearance in my town 2 weeks from now for the 'American Wrestling Rampage', wrestling show in a small arena that came last year on st patrick's day and was a complete joke because all the wrestlers (especially the sandman) got drunk before the show.

Gotta try get a ticket for this one though. Can't believe they got Bret Hart to make an appearance for it...