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Breast Cancer


Ms. Malone
I was watching the news about a woman who took the Primary Care Trust (PCT) to court because they wouldn't pay for Herceptin.

Linkie!: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/12042006/325/woman-wins-herceptin-drug-case.html

There've been lots of cases where the NHS and other health services have been sent to court because they won't pay for drugs for the treatment, fair enough they're expensive, but average Joe's on minimum wage can't afford to pay for them either. Not with bills and taxes to pay. And this drug is better than Chemo because it doesn't have all of the side effects.

So what's everyone's thought on the situation? Also, this is a thread for anybody who knows someone with cancer/breast cancer and can get it all off their chest ;)

Anonym0uz Bitch

Well I've never had breast cancer, mainly because I dont have breasts, but some man can still get it. Other then that then what the UK is doing does seem pretty wrong, not paying for the health care. I always thought it was supposed to be free health care in the UK, since they do have a more prominate Socialist outlook then the United States.


Ms. Malone
The NHS pays for doctor, hospital and dental bills. They were saying that if 1200 women had cancer then the cost for the new drug would be millions of pounds. But what really pisses women off is that they can't receive treatment in the first stages, but by the time they're at the right stage, they're in the danger zone or near it. That's another reason why they take the NHS to court.

And my mum smokes so I'm really worried she'll get cancer. My aunt has had it once and she needs to go for a mammogram again cause she found a lump. It really shits me up.