Breakout Players 07-08?


Sultan of Swat
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Who are some potential 'break out' guys for this season? Some possibilities:

Andrea Bargnani
Rajon Rondo
Dan Gibson (for a whole season)
Louis Williams
Amir Johnson
Andre Blatche
Dorell Wright


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Chris Quinn if given enough playtime could be a serious PG behind J-Dub. Darko, for me it doesnt matter what team he goes to most likely he will be a starter and with 5 years of experience will finally be completely intergrated into the fast paced NBA style game.


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You guys have mention a lot of good ones. Hére's a few that i'd like to add:

-Nenad Kristic
-Raymond Felton
-Gerald Green
-Marvin Williams
-Andrea Bragnani(I know this player was alreay added but I think he's going to have a sick season this year)


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Linas Kleisa-Everytime I saw him on T.V. he looked real good. I think he could contribute in the scoring column for the Nuggets as a shooter.

Jason Maxiell-He will bring back some of that grit that was missing in Detroit when Ben Wallace left.

Paul Milsap-For a rookie drafted in the 2nd-round, he really impressed me. His impact won't always be reflected on the stat sheet, but he will make the Jazz better.

Tyrus Thomas-We saw a little bit of what he's capable of. With a year under his belt and more coaching from Scott Skiles, I think he'll make big strides this year.


The return shall be legenday!
I was going to mention Jason Maxiell aswell, but he had a year already to take over and he's shown signs of becoming a dominant player, but hasn't quite been there yet. But maybe with Rasheed gone he'll step up.

I want to add Mikael Pieutrus on this. I know he's had decent season but nothing to get excited over. Now with Jason Richardson gone I really think he'll step it up big time.