Wii BREAKING! Zelda Twilight Princess To Use Rev. Controller!

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by LaRazaUnida, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. LaRazaUnida

    LaRazaUnida Registered Member

    Well, it was only a matter of time and thank goodness it has happened, The new Zelda will use the Rev. Controller:D It is going to use the new functions, so get your sword slicing ready!

  2. KannonMAK

    KannonMAK Registered Member

    The Best of Both worlds, plus it will help sell the Revolution! yay!
  3. LaRazaUnida

    LaRazaUnida Registered Member

    You know, something that just hit me was this. If they are able to make the game be fully compatible with the rev, and they have the technology of placement mapping(which will make older games that you download look better) I wonder if they will do the same thing for the new Zelda.

    That would be cool if you got it on the rev and had new controls plus some spiffier graphics. I wonder what other secrets will be unvield about the rev. :)
  4. Mirage

    Mirage Administrator Staff Member V.I.P.

    What? How will it use the revolution controller? I hope it will still function with the standard one, because as far as we all know, it's planned to come out on the Game Cube and NOT the Rev. Interesting though. What site did you find that on? I have to question if it's legit. Sounds a little fishy to me.
  5. LaRazaUnida

    LaRazaUnida Registered Member

    Its from NGC magazine. They are a European based gaming magazine. I got it from another forum, but its being posted up on sites now such as 4colorrebellion.

    It will be fully compatible with the cube controller, but you can have the option to switch to revolution control. The revolution is to come out around Novemeber, Zelda is said to come out in March. It is a good way to advertise for the revolution while still sale cubes.
  6. Wrecked

    Wrecked Registered Member

    i'm lost...

    if the game will be compatible with the cube controller, does that mean the game is still coming out for the cube? or does that mean you can use the cube controller on the rev system?
  7. RossDude

    RossDude Beep

    No reason to over-speculate on this. Just wait a little while longer for a more official statement.
  8. LaRazaUnida

    LaRazaUnida Registered Member

    The rev is fully compatible with cube games. It is for the cube, however when you pop the game into the rev you have the option to play with the cube controller or the rev control with new controls.

    And over speculating and megatons are what make gaming fun!
  9. SamusAran86

    SamusAran86 Registered Member

    that would be pretty interesting... not only to sell more consoles, but to get people to play the game twice, and both times have different experiances...

    Remember the Revolution will play all GC disks, have 4 GC controller ports, and 2 GC memory card slots
  10. Gamechamp

    Gamechamp Registered Member

    Exactly. So you see, because the Rev. is backwards compatable, they've made the game to not only be played with normal backwards compatability, but also to work with the new controller. So, it still is a Gamecube game, but it can be enhanced by playing it on a Revolution. Don't worry, if you've got a Gamecube and no plans to get a Rev, you'll still be able to play Twilight Princess.

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