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  1. Rectify88

    Rectify88 Registered Member

    This being my first post I'll keep it simple.

    I have this really gear-nut side to me and I'm pretty good with computers, and I was wondering what all of you think about PNY brand. The last time I had a PNY it was a 64mb Nvidia card with AGP 8x, and it became old faithful

    I thought I'd ask because I like to recommend them to people in the Market

  2. Doc

    Doc Trust me, I'm The Doctor. V.I.P.

    I've never had a problem with PNY. I think I have some PNY RAM in my desktop. Works just fine.
  3. BarneyL

    BarneyL Registered Member

    Not much of an open-the-box geek here,but to revive a dormant thread, what the hey... I had a problem with a PNY video card years ago, but not sure it was the problem or something else - you know how tech is, figuring out what's the problem is THE problem most of the time.

    I used a BFG GeForce 7600 to upgrade my now-nearly-3-yo HP Media Center to be Vista-ready a year or so ago, and while I know folks have love-hate for Vista - hmm, gonna have to see if there's a thread, or start one - it works OK or me;)

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