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Until last year I wasn't really much of a fan of Brand New. I'd only heared there sort of punk rocky stuff off their first album "Your Favourite Weapon". I'd been sort of dismissive of that stuff and unfairly so. When I listen to it now I can get past the more childish aspects of the songs and appreciate that there are actually some really good lyrics. My love of the two later albums have given me a new appreciation for their first one.

The second album "Deja Entendu" was a really big shift in style. It sounded a lot more mature and has some really great tracks. The lyrics, again are very solid and it's just a great album to listen through.

Their most recent album is the one that I love the most though. "The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me" was again a big jump in maturity. When you compare songs off this album to a song on "Your Favourite Weapon" it's almost hard to believe they are the same band. I think my favourite track on this album is "Jesus Christ". It's sad but also very moving, it's the kind of melacholy I like in songs anyway.

Are there any other fans of this band here? I know some people feel the opposite of me as in they prefer the old album over the new stuff. Does anyone else feel that way?
Me and Bliss have played them to death. Nice to see another fan! Great music, great lyrics. I think I wrote Brand New - Jesus Christ as one of my favourite sad songs in another thread here. Limousine and Luca were also great songs imo. I personally agree with you that TDAGARIM (for the time it took me to check that acronym, I could have just written it out!) is their finest album so far. I normally enjoy bands old, raw music more than their newer stuff, where many bands alter their style to a more radio friendly version but this is one case where I prefer the latter work. They seemed to be trying to find themselves back then and some of it was a bit messy.

One of the few bands whose lyrics I enjoy as much as the actual music.
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Yeah I know what you mean, it's great to see how they've developed. When I first heared TDAGARIM (yeah that is a harsh acronym :lol:) I liked "Jesus Christ" instantly, along with "You Wont Know", "Not The Sun" and "The Archers Bows Have Broken". However now I don't think theres a song on there that I don't like. I even like the weired short track "Untitled". That one has quite a strange but cool video actually.

YouTube - Brand New Untitled Video
Aye, just a superb album. With most bands I tend to just play album tracks in any order I feel but I appreciated them best just leaving it to play its way through. Makes me feel mellow every time.

Hope they come play in England soon!


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They played at my University in Cardiff last year and I missed it because it was before I knew how great they were :disbelief: that stings in retrospect.
That's gotta hurt! Doesn't look like they'll be over again any time soon either but they are working on some new recordings at least.

Did I mention it's a pain in the ass trying to google for anything 'Brand New' related. :stare:


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Haha yeah, "Brand New Cars", "Brand New Penis enlargement pills" etc. Have you heared "Fork And Knife"? It was a new song they did that was on their myspace for a while. I really liked it and I hope it makes an appearance on the next album.