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Brand Name vs. Generic


Registered Member
When you shop do you buy brand names or generic? Do you buy both brand and generic?

Have you noticed any differce in buying a product that may be popular and a product that is labeled generic to be just as good quality and then keep buying the generic brand?

Some people it seems are embarassed to but generic because it makes it look
like they are poor or very low class. Do you believe this to be true?
Would it bother you to buy generic?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I usually trust brand names over generic, but it depends on the product. If the generic product is significantly cheaper without there being a big drop-off in quality, then I won't hesitate to buy it to save some money.


Registered Member
We buy whatever is on sale to be honest, generic does not always mean lower quality.
A good example of this happens in the tackle trade, I know of a top brand name that has its rod blanks made by a manufacturer in China, the same place also supplys one of the cheapest tackle places in the country, the only difference between the blanks is the branding and the price, as much as a hundred quid difference because one has a top name brand and logo on it.

My fishing bivvy is the same, it is made to the same specs as one of the top branded ones but cost me only a fraction of the price, I found out reading online they are both made in the same place,same materials same packaging,different branding different prices.

With the price of things constantly going up generic stuff will appeal more just for the price difference.


Registered Member
I really don't care if it's a brand name or generic, as long as the product's good. That's all I care about. Really, the only time I care about brand name is making sure I'm buying a Nintendo game rather than an Xbox game or something like that (I'm more into the kinds of games Nintendo offers than Microsoft).


Free Spirit
Staff member
I buy both, sometimes generic isn't as good, it tastes different, in that case I will buy brand name. If the quality is the same then I will buy generic.

It doesn't embarrass me to do so, lots of people do.


Son of Liberty
I trust brand names over generic but I do buy both, depending on the product. I buy generic OTC medication at the Dollar Store when I need to take a pain medication or whatever, but when it comes to clothes or other items I prefer brand names.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Whenever I am buying pain pills or allergy medicine I always get the off brand stuff because it has the same stuff in it as the named brands do and they cost alot less.

But overall it really just depends on what it is. When it comes to clothes its usually name brands. Most foods too.


Well-Known Member
Sometimes the generic brand is 100% indistinguishable from the brand name except for the packaging.

When buying clothing, computer parts, gaming accessories, etc. I will always go for the brand name (never anything too expensive, I know clothes can be costly for certain brands, I don't go with those). Other things, especially food, are just as good with the generic brand so I'll go for those all the time. Some foods, such as Oreos and Cheerios, can't be replaced by a generic brand.


Registered Member
I buy a combination. When it comes to food I tend to buy the supermarket own brand, as it is usually cheaper and often just as good, occasionally better. Certain things, like tomato ketchup has to be Heinz. If brands are on special offer than I will buy those instead of generic.

For things like clothes, I buy what I like, I don't care if it has a brand or not, to me the brand is just a label and doesn't mean anything. When it comes to electronics I have my favourite brands which I try to stick with, but if there is something a bit cheaper with a less well know brand, which is just as good, I'll go for that.


Registered Member
i rather prefer brand names over generic because they might be expensive but will be more durable and will be worth to use for long time