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I was a big fan of America's Most Wanted in TNA - thought they were the best original tag team in a long time. Now that Chris Harris is in ECW, going by the name of "Braden Walker," do you guys think he'll get a fair shot in WWE? Will he go the way of Marcus Cor Von?

Personally, I think he's got some talent. He's not great, but my initial thoughts are that he would have been a much better mid card filler on Smackdown to take the place of Trevor Murdoch. I also wish he would have kept "Wildcat" Chris Harris as his name. I don't know if the WWE just wanted him to change in order to not give recognition to TNA, or what. I think being 1/2 of AMW is enough to give him at least a little notoriety. I'm afraid that he'll get lost in the shuffle of a 1 hour show that already has enough of a roster.

Thoughts on him and his direction?
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