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Brad Maddox


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
What are your thoughts on Brad Maddox?

I'm talking as a whole here, not just his in-ring performances.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I like Maddox. I think he's solid on the mic but we'll see in the ring. I like his character and his look and I like how he has someone video taping him all the time.

I think there's some potential there.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I was watching this week's SD and saying to Millz that Maddox is really an entertaining natural on the mic. He's pretty funny and seamless.

It's a little early to tell in-ring wise, because he just keeps getting squashed. But what I am seeing makes it feel like Maddox is much better than we would have thought.

I hope that they finally pull the trigger on "hiring" him, and I think he's going to be a lot of fun. The camera thing that Millz mentioned just seems funny, they need a Ralphus-like character in that role.