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BR makes a post in the wrong thread (not reading OP maybe?)


Secret Agent
Staff member
If I were Jacque Martin I would take the fine to insult the officiating from last nights game. You have to get a point across sometimes even though it might put a dent in your penny bank.

I would also send a video package of all the obvious no calls to the head of officiating. I don't want to sound like a whiner, and you might think I'm just being bias, but it was simply terrible last night.

If I can find youtube videos of the first two goals last night, I'll show you guys and you can tell if it should of been a penalty or not.
LOL! Epic fail. :lol:


Lion Rampant
Beth Phoenix beams so happily when she gets to be the face. I'm such a fan! They should rebuild the whole division around her.


Creeping On You
I shower about three times a week. More if I'm gonna be going out, or if I have a particularly dirty day at work

Oh wait, that wasn't the OP