BP mess after Oil Spill

Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by JodieB, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. JodieB

    JodieB Registered Member

    After the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and a new cap in place the problems are still premissing with the clean up operation going and BP perspective loss of up to £19bn.

    But BP look like they are trying to sort their image by working to pay off BP's chief executive Tony Hayward who made a real mess of the situation in teh Gulf of Mexico

  2. larserik

    larserik Registered Member

    BP has handled the matter very bad, if you ask me!
  3. JodieB

    JodieB Registered Member

    oh yea, they have had a huge knock and that was before their head guy spoke 1 word, lol
  4. sputniknz

    sputniknz Registered Member

    truth is...except for people who will experience lasting effects (financial/environmental etc..) the majority of people are gonna forget about this and BP through time will diminish the effects of the catastrophe by talking them away.

    Sure there stocks are gonna get hit hard short term (3-5yrs), heads will roll and so on. But will they go bust?.... no way. Will they restructure? Ofcourse... heads have already rolled.

    BP can call on reserve funds and insurance to the tune of $350bn plus. They will $buy$ back there cleanliness, and pretty soon people wont consider using the other gas station or selling shares.

    People are set to loose there jobs left right and center at BP, but thats not gonna fix anything. If BP gets through this other companies will understand that there is not so much at stake if accidents like this happen.

    A punishment suitable for neglect on this scale, would be, a complete break up - sale of the company in small pieces to competitors. Thereby boosting the economy of the competitors and creating a scramble in the local economy to make the best of new found control. This would boost employment (picking up the slack of the downed marine industry) by re-introducing competition in what was an otherwise locked economy. This would also reinforce an oil companies need to have the necessary prevention systems in place. Only by threat of total annihilation can one demonstrate the need for safety from this sort of disaster.

    Personally, i think it will all blow over, BP's shares will comeback quickly so if you have got time to wait get them cheap over the next couple of years and sit for 3-5 years. Money to be made here.
  5. JodieB

    JodieB Registered Member

    we are in the aftermath of the spill as i dont hear anything about it now.
    BP will recover but just watch their pennies for the next few years

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