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  1. _estrella

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    Hi guys)

    A friend of mine and I were drinking wine together and chatting.We were talking on different subjects, but one of them (which caused a very agitative discussion) made me cheerful. Difference between men and women.... Not physical, of course, here everything is clear, but what makes us say -boys will be boys... and the same about girls.. do you have anything to say?

    Here are a few ideas that came to my mind:

    -men forget about holidays. all of them
    -women cry more often
    -women are always the ones who try to save the relationships which are no longer alive
    -men don't have to refresh their makeup every half hour
    and something else but i'd like to hear your opinion
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  2. Steerpike

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    Each of your examples is a stereotype in one fashion or another.
  3. Hanzo_Hattori

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    Of course Stereo typing would have came up

    Like I'm Irish(Stereo typically Irish are all alcoholics) but I don't drink beer and they call us bad drinkers?, When I drink something I drink like a horse! :D
  4. _estrella

    _estrella Registered Member

    so say something that is not stereotypic.
  5. Merc

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    Men have a penis. Women have a vagina.

    Basically everything else will be some sort of stereotype based on what we've experienced. I personally believe women can't keep friends like men can. A guy can piss his buddy off and will be cool with him the next day. Women seem to hold grudges or they never forget about who wronged them. But that's just what I've noticed.
  6. pro2A

    pro2A Hell, It's about time!

    Thats true. My buddy and I got into a fist fight one night when we were drunk cuz my girl wanted to have a 3 way (she was drunk too) I said I ain't havin a 3 way with my buddy, thats not cool. He got pissed cuz he wanted to get laid, punched me, I punched back. We woke up in the morning hungover, bruised and bloody. No girlfriend in sight. We went to checkers for lunch like nothing happened. :rolleyes:

    Women would hate each other for life after something like that.
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  7. AngelsPeak

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    I've forgotten my anniversary for the past 2 years
    Yes, I'll go with that, only because we haven't been taught that it's wrong to show your feelings.
    Only if they're weak and are afraid to be alone. There are other reasons though, if kids are involved and you're still on friendly terms, sometimes you stay together for the children
    That's just a creepy thought.:-o
  8. Steerpike

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    That would be generalization (though stereotyping is also a type of generalization).
  9. Merc

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    Not necessarily. I'm not talking about generalizing people so much as I'm talking about what people teach themselves through their experience. Another example of this is my hometown. It's 98% white and 2% minority (Mostly asian, fraction of a percent is black) and the town next to us is all black and Hispanic. That town is also a terribly frightening place to be because of all the gang violence, shootings, and crime going on. A lot of people who grew up in my town had little to no interaction with minorities and because of the countless stories from the town next door, their experience taught them to avoid those people.

    It obviously doesn't make it right, it's just how they've learned. They didn't make a generalization, they grew into accepting one without understanding it.
  10. EXQEX9

    EXQEX9 Yep.

    Id like to think that I dont conform to any of those.
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