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Video Boys Are Told To Slap A Girl In Social Experiment


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Is violence something children have to learn, or is it in their nature? This shocking social experiment set out to make the point that humans are inherently good. Watch as several boys are one by one introduced to a new girl and asked to do various things, including "Slap her".


What do you think about this experiment? What does it say about our society that such an experiment is even done in the first place? Does the outcome surprise you? Let us know your reactions in the comments section below.
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I think it renews my hope a little bit in societies future. Frankly, it could not have become any more withered.

- Cham


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
It was a nice video but just like a nice movie - predictable and conclusion is not that realistic. Give them a girl who'll be demanding and annoying and at some point they might actually consider violence as a way to shut her up. I know, it is pessimistic but I've seen kids play that way. Also, if this video was made with adults, the result will be the same. There is something about the scenario that is controlled and prevents people from really showing their negative tendencies, which would have made it more realistic.


Free Spirit
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How sweet, I was happy they didn't want to slap her. I was really expecting they would since they did everything else that was asked of them.


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No surprise really. You do hear so much bad press about young people these days, but most of them are decent enough, with a sense of moral values.

Interesting how, even at that tender age, their inner nature shone through ...