Boy finds $9,000 Worth of Crack Cocaine


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TAMPA, FL (AP) -- Tampa authorities say a first-grade boy searching his jacket pocket for money found a bag of crack cocaine worth about $9,000.

The 7-year-old found the bag at Forest Hills Elementary School Tuesday. Authorities say it contained 89 grams of crack cocaine in chunks "the size of a large cookie."

The boy had been reaching in his jacket when he felt the bag, "got scared and told his teacher." That's according to a Tampa police spokeswoman. The boy and his relatives are being interviewed by authorities.
Wow!!! Just o-m-f-g.


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Wow talk about random. Man if I was seven and found a bag of crack in my pocket I'd like cry haha. Nah I'd just be like wth , I wonder what the teacher said =S


If it's in chunks the size of a large cookie, how is a seven-year old going to believe that it's powdered sugar?