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Did anyone actually enjoy boybands when they were at the peak of the music industry?

I'm a guy and am happy to admit that I enjoyed a fair bit of the backstreet boys, boyz 2 men, all4one, and the latter.

Anybody else?


ok. i'll reaveal it. I'M A BACKSTREET BOYS fan no matter how silly it may sound.
and please, don't call them a boy band - they're a vocal group.
backstreet boys are still a group. they've been together for 17 years now.
they've just released their 8th album This is Us - back in october.
while other groups faded away and couldn't survive.
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When I was younger (around 12-13) I enjoyed a couple of songs by the backstreet boys and five, but I was never really that into them. If I hear one played now I still nod my head along to them though :laugh:


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They are a boy band lulz....

I really enjoyed them a lot back in the 90s mind you I was a kid.

Fav Backstreet boy song has to be: "As long as you love me".


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It's the same thing really, it's just that the term boy bands has really taken a hard hit as of late...

You're pretty much labeled as "gay" for liking a boy band lol....

5ive was another great boy band.....really cool songs.



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HAHA! I wont lie I was a fan of a few boy bands, here are some that I enjoyed:

Backstreet Boys
98 degrees
Boyz II Men
All For One
O Town

There's a few others but I can't really their names at this moment and time.


it's not related to gay if you're into boybands. that's a wrong idea. people have diff. music tastes so dividing someone according to what music he likes, is plain stupid.

people call me old-fashioned because i still adore BSB . i'm a proud fan.
i've got 13 reasons to like them:
1- Great Music 2- God's Perfect Combination 3- The only vocal group surviving 4- Amazing personalities 5- The sexiest men alive 6- Great voices 7- they give awesome concerts 8- they've always been there with their music when you needed them the most 9- So down to earth 10- Amazingly Talented 11- Loyal to their fans 12- People even try to copy them 13- they made me love the music and realize i actually have a voice.


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Westlife is still going.....

I agree with you on that, but what can ya's society lol.

They are very good singers.....

I think they were big around the same time Barbie Girl came out =D