Boxer or Briefs

What kind of undies do you wear

  • Boxers

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  • Briefs

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  • Tiddy- Whities

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  • A combination of some or all the above

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  • None of the above..I'm a guy that prefers a set of thongs

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  • None of the above.. Im a girl I prefer a nice set of thongs.

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  • None of the above... Im a girl and I like my granny panties

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Heyya everyone... Since I've harassed someone in the forums about what they prefer to wear under their outerwear I thought it best to approach this question to all of you!

And truth be told I am a girl and but I like to wear any kind of underwear to none at all depending on the time of month and so on and so forth! ::)

I hope I didn't say too much :D


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nah u didnt, i wear Tidey Wideys and Boxers, i dont prefer boxers in school  in the exrcising period(wen u change and all that)cuz my...nvm

EDIT:eek:ops, i accidently voted for boxers wen i meant to vote for the combo thang
I like the boxer breifs too.
Titey whites are great - they keep me secure. I dont like boxers too much, altough I'm thinking about getting a few pair, just so I can switch up ever once in a while.


Word of warning. If you join the military, they will make you wear tighty whities for at least 8 weeks.