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Bowl Predicitions


Registered Member
Who's gonna go all the way this year? For the Big 12, I say Nebraksa and Oklahoma will play for the championship, and hopefully NU will walk away with a win, but it will be close- I can tell you that.

As for the national title, I think Ohio State and Miami still have good shots, but if Oklahoma manages to win the Big 12, I still think they will have trouble against a pass-heavy team such as the Hurricanes.


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Okay- about halfway through the season.

If Oklahoma State can win against Oklahoma today, they could shatter their National Title hopes. Nebraska lost today against Texas. :( That made me sad. However- Nebraska still has a shot against Missouri for the North Big 12 Championship berth. Mizzou served up Nebraska's only other loss this year, but NU looks to have an easier second half than Missouri does.

So- here's what I'm thinking.

Big 12 Championship game will come down to Oklahoma and Nebraska, but Mizzou could pull out a last minute sneak attack and beat NU for the game. Most likely, Texas will not win the South, but it could theoretically happen, although Oklahoma would have to lose a lot of games between now and then.

As far as the National Title goes, OU is still ranked number 1, and my eariler predictions about Miami and Ohio State are looking to fall through. For now, I will say Oklahoma in the National Title game, but I have no comment on who they will play.

Anyone see the Michigan / Michigan State game? Wow. Great game to watch, it went back and forth all the way. I missed out on the end though- anybody know who won?

What about Illinois? Two years ago they had one of the top teams in the Nation, now they're 1-9 overall, with no conference wins. WOW is all I can say about that.