Bow Down


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the king has arrived...
...just joking
...but seriously

...this site seems really cool
im just looking for something to do with my spare time
im pretty interesting got some great storys
my activity will pick up soon cause right now im using a psp
cause my pc broke but im getting a new one real soon
...get to know me

-kenny k


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi Kenny and welcome to GF! :welcome:

It looks like you came to the right place for all your "shirking responsibility" needs.
We got it all..So what's your poison?

Sports? TV, Games? Have a look around and then get to posting....

Don't be a stranger....:alienwarp:


In need of Entertainment
Hi Kenny and welcome.

There's a FAQ section here somewhere.. in the quick links I think..
Once you achieve 500 posts (assuming Hybrix didn't change it again) you become a premium member and can change the title under your username.