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Bound For Glory Series Thread


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
--Since the Bound For Glory Series point system is going to continue over a couple of months, I thought I'd start a thread specifically to discuss the standings. I'll try to keep track and post occasional updates during our discussion.

--Here's a video giving a run-down of how the BFG Series works:

YouTube - ‪The Bound For Glory Series On IMPACT‬‏

Basically, 12 wrestlers were selected as possible #1 contenders for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at the company's feature PPV of the year, Bound for Glory. Whoever has the most points at that time gets the shot. This keeps tracks of wins/losses not only on Impact Wrestling, but at all of the house shows, international events, etc. Usually, the wrestlers are going against other wrestlers in the Series.

The Wrestlers:

The Pope
Samoa Joe
AJ Styles
Rob Van Dam
Matt Morgan
Bobby Roode
Scott Steiner
Bully Ray
James Storm

The Points:

10 points for a win via Submission
7 points for a win via Pinfall
5 points for a win via Countout
3 points for a win via DQ
2 points to each wrestler for a Draw
-10 points when DQ'ed


--This is a link to the first update I've seen on IMPACT WRESTLING : THURSDAY ON SPIKE , I'm guessing there are weekly updates:

The Bound For Glory Series - The Latest Updates And Standings

I won't copy and paste the entire article, but a writer ("Dr. X") summarizes the week's points, talks about who's hot for the week, etc. They do include a spreadsheet on the standings, which is pretty cool IMO. I'll wrap it in spoiler tags b/c it's kind of large:


--Anyway, outside of individual match discussions and PPV discussions, talk about the ongoing BFG series here!


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Here's a link to this week's score report:

The Bound For Glory Series - The Latest Updates And Standings

I'm really surprised that Robert Roode is at 0 points. I mean they seriously want to have Gunner in second and guys like him, Joe, and Pope at zero? It's a waste if you ask me.

Matt Morgan is tied for 3rd with around 5 other guys, and I really think we'll be seeing him at the top of the list sometime soon, or creeping up to win it as the BFG Series ends.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Here's this week's report: The Bound For Glory Series - The Latest Updates And Standings

Not surprised to see Crimson leading the pack...despite his winning streak and dominance, however, I don't think he'll win it all.

Devon and Gunner tied for second place? Really? Really?

I think that as things get closer to BFG we'll be seeing more prominent figures coming into the top spots...Morgan for sure, and maybe Styles and RVD as well?
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