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bouncing back .... here is my auction on overstock


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As Angel told me to bounce back, well I am , I had a testy morning with ebay @[email protected]#$% this morning that caused me to have a major MS attack. My husband had to called the EMT and Yes I am ok... It felt like a hear attack but it was a major stress attack... All because of ebay suspending my acct. Well I dont' need them... so I am back to post my auction that they took off... lol the chest one..loo i am laughing because it was poked and probed... and the ekg went off the charts.......... darn i could of sold that on ebay... heck if a gum wrapper can why not huh?
anyway all thanks for all the support and here is my auction at overstock.com
You can view your item here.

nani :lol: ( don't worry about me i will bounce back)
And hey no witch hunting.........lol yes i heard about and not mad... so was i a good witch or a bad one.......lol because right now I feel like a bad witch.. and you know what sounds like and rythmes with witch... b...... it also what I feel like too...........lol but not at anyone here........nani

lol ok since i am not on ebay i wonder if there is a way to add watch me from overstock ... hey andrew would you know or anyone..........???? nani
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Oh no....E-bay is not worth all that. I am glad you are bouncing back. I will check out your auctions on overstock too. Take care of your self.


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Wish I could say I am watching...lol but dunno how...I hope you do well nani....
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