Bouncing Baby tape lands cruelty charges


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What the fuck!?

Why would that even seem like a good idea!? Wow, I have no faith in humanity, anymore. Ugh...


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Saw this last night on the news. The teen is being charged as an adult for criminal charges. What I find disturbing is the fact that the teen who was taping it was the actual brother of the infant and he let his friend do that shit.


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What a sick freak them kids are, hope they go away for a very long time.


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Seriously that is so screwed up. What possibly makes you want to do something like that? That's even worse than filming beating someone up. (which came up recently here)

The stupid things that people do to get attention.


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Unfortunately the teens parents are going to appeal to have the case taken to family court. If it goes to family court we can all kiss justice goodbye.