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Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by precision, May 9, 2005.

  1. precision

    precision Registered Member

    I recieved an email from a buyer of mine over the weekend, she was informing me that the check that she had mailed me a week earlier was going to bounce. I hadn't heard anything from my bank, so I called them and they told me that it had cleared. I got a call from the bank today telling me that it had in fact bounced. $20 for the item, and now an additional $20 in fees from my bank, plus I imagine her bank is going to charge her $20 on her end. So now a video game that would have been an awsome deal at $20, is costing this young lady $60. which, by the way is probably what it would have cost to buy it from the store.

    She did email me before it actaully bounced, so I've got to giver her credit for that, and she said that she would paypal me the $40 asap.

    And in case you are wondering, yes, she already has the game. After I waited for 7 days after depositing her check, I shipped it. I guess I should have waited longer.

    Has anybody ever had this happen? I usually check their feedback, and wait a few days, then go ahead and ship....this time I guess I should have waited till I got the clear notice online.

    Do most of you still accept checks? I'm beginning to wonder if I should stop taking them and only do money orders and paypal.

  2. Mirage

    Mirage Administrator Staff Member V.I.P.

    I have had trouble with personal checks. I will never accept another. I go the money order or cashier's chack route instead.

    Hope you haven't left her feedback quite yet, just in case. :)
  3. Nightsurfer

    Nightsurfer ~Lucky 13 strikes again~

    Sorry to hear that. I only accept Paypal or money orders (no 7-11 ones). I got burned that way. (bad) :( The best thing you can do is file a complaint with eBay and your bank.
    I would sugest That you only take paypal. (less worries) And if they are going to be paying by M.O they have to email you first before they bid. Never ship untill money is in your account. Sounds mean but hey if you don't protect yourself noone else will.
    Wish you luck......

    C-ay around the boards...................... :warp:
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  4. Marys454BB

    Marys454BB Premium Member

    You have to watch with Money Orders too!
    I had someone win a Gravity Wagon I was selling for 500 bucks & they told me they were sending a Money Order for over what they won it for and for me to send them back the difference. Big scam!
    I didn't do it of course, I knew what they were trying to pull.
    They would send a fake MO then I would send them real money back & that would have been it. I gave them a neg & they cancelled their account after they tried it with a few others.
  5. precision

    precision Registered Member

    She "says" that she is going to paypal it before wed this week, we'll see...she had almost a 150 positive feedback, with no neg , so for now, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, but come end of the week I'll contact ebay, I'd hate to do that over something that probably was just a mistake.

    I'm going to go back on all my auctions that I have up and take off the personal check part though. This was the first bad check that I've taken...and from now on, the last.

    thanks for the advice.

    Good for you! If you had gone ahead and had them send you the MO, you could have charged them with mail fraud...that would be
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  6. iowamommy77

    iowamommy77 Registered Member

    A friend of mine refuses to accept paypal or checks. Too many people screw over too many people. I would only accept postal money orders (and cash at post office only) Did you know a cashiers checks can have a stop payment on it up to a year later?
  7. precision

    precision Registered Member

    I didn't know that about cashiers checks, but why not paypal?
  8. SamusAran86

    SamusAran86 Registered Member

    So far on my auctions, I have only accepted money orders... Postal money Orders I will ship out the next day, after I recieve it of course, as I can cash it when I go to ship the item!!

    Other money orders I will wait until it clears into the account until I ship. I havent had a problem yet.

    I usually only purchase items that have the paypal option, but dont have a account set up to recieve payments
  9. Msbabedoll

    Msbabedoll Registered Member

    WOW! I dont except checks either. As for pay pal, right now we'll see how things go. My problem with the Disney tickets I sold for a friend. The lady got her ticket and is keeping it, but she already filed a complaint on pay pal and the only way I can resolve it is to give her her money back, My friend didn't get a confirmation number (bummer) ALWAYS do that! So I can' only hope that this lady is honest and goes in and drops the complaint. I didn't think you could file a complaint only one week after the auction ends!
  10. LicentiousVenus

    LicentiousVenus Registered Member

    I don't think it really matters what type of payment you accept...just make sure you cash it before you send the item. Once its cashed there isn't anything they can do to get the money back. But for convenience sake...i only use paypal on here...if somone can't set up a pay pal account, then i question their ability to pay...its not like it costs money to set one up, and then pay pal verifies that their checking account doesn't cost the buyer anything to use pay pal, so why not...even the seller's fees are worth how quickly the transactions take place for that person..can't you just tell pay pal that you will refund the money when you get the ticket back...certainly they have some way of handeling things like that.

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