Bottom about to drop out on war support

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by top gun, Jul 9, 2007.

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    Bottom about to drop out on Iraq war support. In the critical recruitment month of June due to graduation the Army has missed and missed badly it's recruitment goal by 1300 new recruits. Add this to the month before missing the target number by 400 and the pattern is undeniable.

    One major reason given by the Army is "Mommy syndrom"... parents are now starting to steadfastly oppose their children enlisting due to the fact they would be sent to Iraq.

    In other news Ultra Conservative Bill Oreilly today on his radio show said the war in Iraq cannot be won and that we have given the Iraqi people more than enough time to establish a democracy. He goes on to say it's an unfortunate turn of events but we just cannot continue to offer up our men & women in this fight. Oreilly went on to say Republicans in Congress are going to start breaking away from the president in greater and greater numbers because they need to get re-elected in 08.

    When Bill Oreilly a Conservative who had highly supported the Iraq occupation sees the bottom dropping out and agrees with it on his show... can there be any doubt just how bad things have gotten for the Bush policy?

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    I'm surprised Kasmarov hasn't swooped down like a vulter on this thread yet. Maybe he only moves conservative-biased threads to sub-talk and not liberal-biased threads. Some moderator he is. *rolls eyes*

    Bill O'reilly is far from being a liberal, but he is also far from being conservative. Why don't you watch his show on Fox sometimes? It might surprise you that he's a liberal on many issues. And if you're going to quote him, provide a link or something to back it up.

    Also, I would like to see a link from the Army that confirms that they are losing recruits.
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    Well my friend I listen to Mr. O'reilly most days on my way home from work... and I've tried to watch his show but after about 5 or 10 minutes it's just not tolerable anymore.

    I don't have the links but if you check his radio show for yesterday... 7/9/07 you'll see I'm not at all misrepresenting. No one was more shocked than me... BELIEVE ME!

    On the Army recruitment major shortfalls statistics I pulled that little pearl of wisdom right off of the morning news this morning 7/10/07 The Today Show channel.

    On Bill being anything but Conservative... that's just his shtick. He's as Ultra Conservative as the day is long. He plays the occasional finger wag at Republicans to seem to "appear" fair and balanced (like FOX... LoL!) but he's all the way pubbie. It's kind of like when Rush has a Black man host his show so he'll appear less racist. Like all Conservative talk radio the no spin zone is in reality the ALL SPIN ZONE!

    But that's why Bill saying we had to get out of Iraq and all the reasons he gave were shocking enough that I posted it up. The walls a crumbling and he's trying to get out ahead of it...

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