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Bottled Water


Registered Member
Do you have a special brand you buy??
Or will you drink any kind of bottled water??...as long as it's good and cold~
Some people like drinking water straight from their tap....does your water from your faucet have a good taste to it??
The town I live in, it's nasty.....I won't drink the water from the faucets, but a friend lives in the country and she has well water, and it's really delicious!!


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I try to avoid drinking bottled water whenever possible. It's extremely wasteful. And most bottled water is basically tap water in a bottle anyway. When I do have to drink bottled water I prefer Ice Mountain.

Most of the water I drink is either filtered by the fridge or straight from the tap. Our tap water is from Lake Michigan and is pretty awesome. I'm not too picky though. I've had to drink yellowish water from streams on my hiking trips before.


I have special brands I buy and I can't buy any brand of water because I can taste the differences even between many brands of water.
Don't get me think about tap and boiled water. I don't even consider them.


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lol, at first I thought this was going to be one of those annoying rants people make about how bottled water is a waste of money. I live in a place with horrible water that taste like straight up chlorine......

I don't have a brand I buy, if I know it doesn't taste like dirt or chlorine I will buy it, from the tap or not. For some reason I can't imagine that drinking chlorine with some water is healthy.....


Where is my Queen?
I drink tap water and I use a filter with it, without the filter I can definetly taste the difference, but really can't taste the difference between tap with a filter and bottle water.


I'll buy whatever brand - I usually buy a bottle in the morning and refill it all day, sometimes even into the next day. Then I usually loose it haha.


Sally Twit
I hate the taste of tap water so I never drink it. I don't mind what brand of water it is, so long as it's in a bottle and so long as it's still.


yellow 4!
I used to drink bottled water all the time at home just because my mum would buy it every week. There's no way I would do that whilst living away from home, partly because it's way too expensive for what it's worth, and also it's so much easier for me to just keep the same re-usable water bottle and fill it up whenever. I drink a lot more water that way, too.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
When I moved into the new house my mom bought a ton of bottled water so I'll use that until I'm out and I'll just make sure I save 3 or 4 bottles to use afterwards. Ice Mountain is the one I usually get but I try not to ever buy bottled water...kind of seems pointless.


Supreme System Lord
I avoid bottled water at all costs, I think it borderlines disgraceful the way companies virtually con us with apparent "fresh water, straight from the source", which basically translates to "water out the tap!".

I consider it a waste of money, you can buy a water purifier from shops for about £25, that's value for money.