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Does anybody watch these? They're awesome! They're just massive collections of botches, mistakes and screw ups from all wrestling groups. It's a great way to kill time and a great laugh.

Check them out on youtube.
Yeah, I just saw one on YouTube. Some funny stuff besides the real scary botches where they land on their neck. Those are pretty freaky.

A good assortment of TNA, WWE and independent promotions.


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I've seen pretty much all of them haha...the announcers sucking ass is equally as funny sometimes.

Lots of Michael Cole and Tony Schiavone screw ups out there...


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Yeah I watch those when I have nothing to do, it's amazing how many of them they found and got on film. There's some that make you cringe as well because it seems like they broke their necks doing a certain wrestling move.


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Yeah Maffew is a great video editor, I love how each video starts with a Macho Man Randy Savage promo, something about him always makes me laugh.