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BOTB - Round 1 - Voting Thread 4

Who do you prefer? 1 vs 2. 3 vs 4. 5 vs 6. 7 vs 8

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Round 1 consists of 32 bands that received one nomination only. I know in the other thread I said that your top 3 picks would definitely be going through, but again because of the numbers I had to change that. You will all have at least two bands in this stage, unless you picked a band that had more than one nomination, in which case they get introduced in later rounds.

I'm trying to make this as simple as possible, but I don't want to make a separate thread for each. 8 bands will be in each poll, but you will need to make 4 votes. So poll option 1 and 2 will face off against each other, 3 and 4, etc, etc. and you would vote for one in each pair. I hope that makes sense. If it doesn't, voice so in this thread and i'll try and explain it better

The bands facing off against each other were chosen by a list randomizer, don't bitch to me about who is facing off against who.

And because i'm nice to you all, and enjoy making more work for myself i'm posting a song link for each band facing off against each other. If you are unfamiliar with one of the bands, then listen to the link and decide from that. And if i'm unfamiliar with the band, i'm just posting the first song that comes up in youtube

Pantera vs. Grateful Dead

YouTube - Pantera - Cemetery Gates
YouTube - Grateful Dead - Friend of The Devil

Black Sabbath vs. All That Remains

YouTube - Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell
YouTube - All That Remains - Two Weeks - Hi Res

Feeder vs Donora

YouTube - Feeder - Just a Day - High Quality Version
YouTube - Donora- I Think I Like You

Funkadelic vs. Iron Maiden

YouTube - Funkadelic - Maggot Brain

If you don't see your a band from your top 2/3 in these lists, then they more than likely already made it through to the next stage without having to go through this first voting stage.
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4 legs good 2 legs bad
1. Grateful Dead. They're one of my favorites and they're also probably one of the most influential bands ever, as well as one of the best live bands.

2. Black Sabbath. I don't love them, but the other band is horrible.

3. Feeder. Sounds like something I could get into based on that one song.

4. Funkadelic


Embrace the Suck
1. Pantera. They're just an incredible band.

2. Black Sabbath. Great band, that was back when Ozzy didn't suck.

3. Didn't vote

4. Iron Maiden, one of my favorite bands of all time.


Well-Known Member
Of course I went with my two nominations. Black Sabbath and Pantera are two of my favourite bands.

I hadn't heard of either Feeder or Donora. Feeder was okay, so I went with them.

And of course Iron Maiden. They are gods.


Son of Liberty
This was a tough poll (at least for 3 of 'em)

Pantera was a hands down, actually that one wasnt that hard.

All That remains vs. Black Sabbath.. ugh such a BS round! ATR is gonna get booted in teh early rounds because they're going up against a Legend of a band. I call shenanigans!

Dont like either of these two bands so I didnt contribute a vote on them

and iron Maiden ftw!


Well-Known Member
Inorite ice. If All That Remains had been up against most of the other bands in this entire round, I would have voted them but come on...it's Sabbath.

I can't wait to see some of the match ups we get later on when the big names get introduced!


Registered Member
Oops. I'm getting that Black Sabbath is another epic band I missed. :stare: I did listen to 2 tracks by them but I prolly needa listen to more.

1. Pantera
I discovered this band in a rock thread (somewhere here) and they are def good. :nod: I tried to listen to that band Grateful Dead but... :-o

2. All That Remains
They're a total (and special) fav of mine! :) I especially love Believe In Nothing. I dont think I ever heard Black Sabbath before so I listened to a few tracks but it's def tuff to beat All That Remains.

3. Feeder
Donora = no way. I didn't even know who they were till now but... Feeder is in my top 10 bands anyway! :D

4. Iron Maiden
This is another band I dont think I ever heard but they are def awesome and I totally love the vocals! :nod: I tried to listen to the other band... :tired:


Lion Rampant
Pantera is one hard-edged band that I can get into. Vulgar Display of Power was one of the first couple of albums that I bought in CD format. But they don't have a "Truckin'," and the Dead do. And this song, which I bought as a cassette single 20 years ago, is more or less my personal theme:

YouTube - Grateful Dead Touch Of Grey Video (Band In Bones)

Black Sabbath over All That Remains. I'm just not that into speed metal; it all pretty much sounds the same to me. Paranoid and Master of Reality were two of the most ubiquitous rock albums of their day. I don't know how many joints my high school buddies and me puffed to those songs. Heh, I even sang "Paranoid" with one of the garage bands I was in.

I think I like Donora. I'm pretty sure I do.

Yeah, I do. Good shtuffs!

YouTube - Donora - Photograph

YouTube - "Shhh" by Donora (Official Video)

Iron Maiden's message was mainly the hair band sound itself. Like Judas Priest, they mainly went for Ozzy-type "I'm an outcast" lyrics, as opposed to anything profound. The act went over huge. I never got it. George Clinton was a different story of celebrating individuality and positivity. His bands Parliament and Funkadelics (collectively P-Funk) were a genre virtually to themselves and could rightly be called the urban Beatles. Clinton's musical and cultural influence can be heard in the later music of such wide-ranging acts as Prince, Talking Heads, and pirate pimps Lakeside:

YouTube - Lakeside - Fantastic Voyage Official Video musical pleasure!


Grateful Dead
Black Sabbath
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