Boston Signs Posey


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Boston Herald -
The Celtics have agreed to terms with James Posey, a player who should give the Celtics defense a significant upgrade.

This 6-8 forward, known in particular for his role as a defensive stopper on the 2006 Miami team that won the NBA title, averaged 7.7 points, five boards and one steal per game last season.

The deal came together with relative haste. Though Danny Ainge, the Celtics’ director of basketball operations, had been in touch with Posey over the last month, discussions gained momentum yesterday, after Reggie Miller informed the Celtics that he would not come out of retirement to join the team.

By this afternoon, the sides had reached agreement on a deal that will pay Posey just over $3 million - the amount left on the team’s mid-level exception - next season. The full contract will pay him $7 million over the next two years, with Posey holding an option on the second season.


Aw, Here It Goes!
Nice signing by the C's James Posey is a great pick-up, he'll give you great denfense and three point shooting. Their bench is really starting to shape up im liking what they have done so far.

Note to Miami: Sign somebody!


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This is a great signing for the Celtics, he's a player that does everything on that court. He didn't have a great season last year, he was a little overweight and got suspended for it, but I believe he's going to have a strong season this year, and he should be a great addition to the Celtics.
This is a really nice pick-up for the celtics. But I do question if the big three can play togheter and develop some chemistry. If not then all these additions mean nothing.


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It's going to be tough to live up to the hype because they made so many additions this off-season, and these players have never really played with each other, but they do have a whole trainning camp to gel together, and players like Allen and Garnett have been in the league for a long time, and they've experienced a lot, so I am sure they'll be just fine.


They're realling going for the same gambit Miami made.

Question is, how will they recover afterwards? Remember
what happened after the Bird era? Nothing. Hopefully they'll
get 3-4 finals appearances (I'm a Laker fan; I can never root
for them to get a ring) and retool with a farm system the same
way the Pistons are retooling right now.

But for now? Posey is decent. He got released from Memphis, but,
hey, who else is going to backup Ray Allen?

Celtic Fan

It's a solid pick up. He can play good D, hit open shots and won't bitch about PT or shots.
will be great in practices and should help Rondo and T Allen improve their already good D just by example.


The return shall be legenday!
I like this move by the Celtics. He's going to be a good role player for this team. He's the best role player signing so far. Like Celtic Fan said his experience will help the young guns left on this team to become better defenders. And he also won a championship which will help this team in the playoffs.


Man i cant believe this they first get ray allen then kg now posey!

along with Peirce this should be a scary team.....key word should seeing that the knicks should have been to and look at their records. lol