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Discussion in 'Baseball' started by StroShow, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. StroShow

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    Most of the members that post in this section are Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees fans so this might become a real good conversation. Please be honest here, and not bias. I was wondering if you think everytime these teams meet in the Regular Season the match-up is being overhype because of the time they met in the playoffs in 2004? I beleive so...they meet 19 times a year and, the media hypes the match-up every game. Nothing exciting as happened between these two teams since the 2004 series, and right now the Bo-Sox have a 7 game lead over the Yanks in the East Division. I beleive that the Yankees and Blue Jays series have been more exciting this year because of the A-rod situation. So what do you guys think?

  2. Merc

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    You're obvioulsy not a Yankee or Red Sox fan (or at least not a seasoned one). This series isn't being hyped because of the 2004 series, it's because it's the freakin' Red Sox versus the freakin' Yankees, possibly the greatest rivalry in MLB history. That and the slight fact that the Yankees need to gain some ground so they can hope for a playoff berth.

    The series is getting hype for two reasons you don't see:

    The rivalry
    The standings
  3. Millz

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    I hate this rivalry. Actually I hate the boner ESPN gets over it.

    The Cubs/Cardinals one is better ;)
  4. The standings "reason" is BS. There are 4 other series going on right now where the standings are closer than the 8-game difference that separated Boston and New York at the beginning of their series. In fact, in the Cubs/Brewers and Padres/Diamondbacks series, both going on right now, the division lead could change hands, and thus alter the NL wild card race.

    As far as it being MLB's greatest rivalry, I would say that Dodgers/Giants and Cubs/Cardinals have at least as much history, and to date have a lot more balance, than the Yanks/Sox one does.

    This series gets flogged by ESPN because their home base is in Connecticut, smack dab in the middle of this rivalry. Do I fault them for this? No. Do I fault other networks not native to the area for hopping aboard? Yes.
  5. StroShow

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    That's my exact point. The Red Sox have a 7 game lead over the Yankees in the East Division. It's not an un-reachable lead, but lets face it the Bosox have the divison in the bag. Also you can't hype this match-up because of the previous rivalries they had in the past. Don't get me wrong I couldn't agree more that this is one of the best series to watch in all of sports. But when the standings are not even close or they play each other 19 times a year you can't hype this thing too high(like they're doing right now) because it's getting ridiculous. Nothing has happened between these two teams in quite the while. So what's the big fuss about when they play each other?

    If you base your opinion on trying to catch team for the division when the lead is 7 games, then you hype up every almost every other match-ups in the league when it comes to september.
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    Being a Phillies fan I am a neural party...I don't think there is a better rivalry in all of sports right now than the Yankees/Red Sox...It's a hot ticket everytime those two team meet up and so what if it's based off of the playoffs in '04? Fact of the matter is these two teams are contenders year in and year out and constantly overpay for talent and take each others players, which makes it even more fun to a neutral fan that is.

    :clap: :yes: :lol:
  7. natnsoxfan

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    It is overhyped quite a bit normally. But this one doesn't have that "feel" to it, Yankee and Red Sox fans probably know what I'm talking about when I say that, it just doesn't have the same kind of aura or meaning to it, and thats mostly because the division is more or less out of reach and the Red Sox can break the Yankees back if they take 2 of 3.

    It is one of the top two rivalries in all of sports, the only one that can really hold a candle to it is Michigan vs. Ohio State IMO.

    That is so completely not true. The Cubs didn't trade arguably the greatest player ever to the Cardinals, neither did the Dodgers to the Cubs. The Cubs never blew a presumably insurmountable lead in the division like the Red Sox did in '78, I believe it was.

    This is easily the best rivalry in baseball, top 2 or 3 in all sports, but I would be one of the first to admit that it does get overhyped quite a bit and quite often.
  8. SuiGeneris

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    I keep seeing people say "over-hyped" but thats freakin' baseball! It's a game of folk and lore. Where giants do battle, and men fly. It's where david beats goliath almost every year, and a piece of wood, and a ball of yarn control the destiny of entire cities. How is anything in sports not over-hyped, after all they are all just games.

    That being said. Any rivalvry that has lasted the length of baseball, is a rivalvry worth watching. The Yankees are struggling to make the playoffs, thats worthy of hype as it is, and the Red Sox are (some say) America's team. It's the pennant race, and the Yankees made a run for first place got as close as 3 games. They are a streaky team, and a series with the first place team is huge.

    A series this late in the season could decide who gets first and who gets second, granted, the Yankees don't have much of a chance. I wouldn't say it's over-hyped, I'd just say it's baseball.

    SHOELESSJOE3 Registered Member

    There is no rivalry in professional sports like the Yanks/Red Sox. If you say that nothing exciting has happened since 2004 then you haven't been watching. Just because neither team has made it to the World Series does not mean the games between them have not been exciting. They often go down to the wire, late innings in determining the winner of the games they play.

    Your speaking of a rivaly, hard feelings that go back to 1920 when the Bosox sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees. At that time the roles were reversed the Bosox were the better team in the middle to late teens, one of the best teams in both leagues. At that time the Yanks were the new guys on the block, the Giants owned N.Y. city, the Yanks didn't even own a park of their own, rented the Polo Grounds from the Giants. Things have never been the same, yes the Bosox pulled off a great come back in 2004 but it took 86 years to win a World Series. Along the way the Yanks beat out the Bosox in some years that went down to the last couple of games and at times the very last game, 1949,1978 and 2003.

    I could undrstand why some who do not like the Yanks think these games are over hyped, I don't think so. The networks are in the business of making money. They are going to show the games that they believe will be the bigger draw on TV, more cash from the sponsors. I will agree that with the 7 game lead the Bosox have it may taken something away from the rivaly, the excitement.
    I attended a Yankee/Red Sox pre- season game in 2005 and believe it or not there were scalpers selling tickets at way over cost..... at an exihibition pre-season game.

    Hate the Yankees, hate the Bosox it is still the biggest rivalry in professional sports, the longest lasting.
  10. StroShow

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    The thing I don't understand is your all talking about the past here. Everyone knows it's the most intense rivalry in all of sports. But were talking about the present right now. And the present we have the Yankees trailing the BoSox by 6 games for the East Title. Like I said it's not an un-reachable lead but the BoSox won't blow it. How can you consider extra innings (since the 2004 comeback) significant to this rivalry or a reason to hype up this match-up this year?

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