Boston @ Chicago 04/26


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Who watched this game?

Double overtime baby! Man was it intense. I was glad to see The Bulls pull through in the end. They are one of my favorite teams and I'd like to see them regain their championship status in the next few years.

I personally don't think they'll win against Boston in the rest of this series but if they do then they definitely deserve it. Boston put up a very impressive game, considering Garnett is out.

So, who watched this?


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I watched a bit of the game, but I agree it was pretty intense. Derek Rose and Rajon Rando were going at it all game. Rando finished with a triple double and Rose was on assist shy of a triple double as well.

Just like you I don't believe the Bulls will win this series, but it's great to see them give the Celtics all they can handle.


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The Bulls could definitely win. They're really only a Ray Allen buzzer beater away from being up 3-1.


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It's amazing how poorly the Celtics play without Garnett. They're a completely different team. With him they're one of the best teams in the league no question. Without him they're just in the middle of the pack.

I would like to see the Bulls win this thing. They're playing with a lot of enthusiasm right now so hopefully they can keep that up.

Though it's not going to matter much because I don't think any team in the Eastern conference can beat the Cavs 4 times.
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I'd like to see the Bulls win as well. Regardless, there's no way they are going to beat Cleveland who will inevitably make it to the semi-finals.

If the Bulls pull this off against Boston then I bet they will also make it through the next round.

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