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BortzANATOR here. reporting from GBAtemp.


Registered Member
Whats up yall. im here from GBAtemp, a forum all about video games and everthing that goes with it. I like video games, manga, drawing, and music. if youve got a video game question or want to discuss something like that let me know. id be glad to help. i was refered here by Babe Ruth (i think thats his name) hes cool. so hey. holla at me.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Welcome to the forums my friend, I am glad you finally decided to join us. We definitely need more gamers around here, so hopefully you'll add a lot in that section. See you around.


Boom Boom Pow!

Enjoy all the forum has to offer. :)


Son of Liberty
Which video games do you enjoy?
Million dollar question: PS or xBox

Welcome to GF
lmfao aint that the truth!

Welcome aboard, should be fun to get some more activity going in the Video Games section. Hope to see ya posting up a storm soon.

Any other hobbies or enjoyments besides video games?