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Let's say a friend of yours ask to lend him 1,500$, you know this personl really well and he told you he would be paying you back in a couple of weeks. You have the money, do you lend it to him? If yes why, if no why?

You need to borrow 1,500$, would you ever ask a friend to borrow that kind of money?
I would be veery reluctant to lend it, to be honest. Mostly because if my mum found out, she would kill me. And she likely would find out because sometimes she reads my bank statement for me whilst I'm away (which I have no problem with). I think then it would depend on the reason for her wanting it. If it was either give her the money or let her be beaten up by some street gang then I'd give it without hesitation.

I could never ask a friend if I can borrow that amount of money. I'd always go to my parents or even grandparents first. If that's out of the question because of the reason behind needing the money, then I'll have to figure out some other way or do without.


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Hm, as Rebecca said I would find it hard to lend that money. My parents don't read my statements or anything so they wouldn't find out, but still, I find it hard trusting people with lending money if I'm honest. I just don't want the hastle of the crap if they don't give it back.

I would never ask any of my friends for that kind of money. I felt bad for asking one of my friends if they could lend me £1 for something to eat! I paid it back when I got cash the same day.
If none of my family could help me, then I guess I would ask one of my close friends.


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The only way i'd have that kind of cash spare is if I was making a lot of money, in which case, it wouldn't seem like such a large amount to give away, so I probably would lend it to a friend I knew really well, if they explained the situation behind the borrowing to me.

There is no way i'd ask a friend for that amount of money though, I wouldn't even ask family. I'd get a loan if I needed that kind of money.


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no. I dont lend money to anyone regardless of how close I am to them. If I give someone money... its as a gift and I dont want anything back....but a nominal amount like 1,500 bucks is not a gift I give, not at this point in my life at least.

I absolutely hate the Beg/Borrow system. To me it makes things unbalanced and any friendships I have are friends....not lenders. I dont expect them to pay my bills nor be concerned with my financial life, and the same goes for the other way around. Money breaks relationships, plain and Simple. If I had a good friend that I loaned 1,500 bucks to and he said he'd pay me back and it happens to be late or he keeps pushing it back... All that does is stress our relationship, even if its family. And the same goes the other way around, because if I borrow money then now that individual and I have an unbalanced relationship. This happened to my dad and I recently. When I was younger I had to have $800 worth of work done to my old truck. At the time I didnt have the money nor the credit to get the money. But I needed the truck fixed in order to even have the money. So my dad paid for it... And for about 6 months as I paid him back (plus $200 bucks because he's a fucking crook) I just couldnt be around him because all he'd talk about is "you gonna have my check ready for me?". So no, to me Relationships > Money. I dont want that stress of money getting in between because what few relationships I do have with friends and family I do cherish and wouldnt want to complicate them.

I'd rather give them the phone number to my Banker and then give them a good word in hopes that he'd help 'em out with a decent Rate. But no... Im not a bank.


it depends on the person, it depends on the relationship i have with them..., it depends how much i trust them , it depends on my financial state at the time they ask for money, it depends on what they want the money for.
the bigger the amount of money, the more i have to think on what i said above.


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Absolutely if I had the money I'd lend it, no questions asked. As far as borrowing I hate borrowing things especially money but if I had to, yes I probably would.

After reading Goat's post I'll say I agree, I don't expect any payment back. I've never had a friend that didn't pay me back though although I hate taking it back.
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I would not lend that large of an amount to a friend. I don't really like lending any amount. Like Ice said, if I lend money it's more of a gift and I don't expect them to pay me back. I would not ask a friend to loan me money either.


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no matter how much is the amount of money they borrow you? :shifteyes:
so even if a friend borrowed you 3000$ you still wouldn't want it back?
never heard anyone say that.
You have to understand the question was if I had the money and I meant lending wouldn't lend me broke. If I had it and a friend desperately needed it, yeah, I would lend it with the expectation of him paying it back when/if he is able. If he never is able, so be it. That would just be for someone very close to me, mind you. Not casual acquaintances.