Borrowing/Lending Chapstick


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Do you ask people if you can borrow their chapstick?

Do you let people borrow yours if they ask you?

No for me in both cases and especially guys. I mean, come on. Don't even ask. I don't get why people would even ask.


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This is one of those "pad your footprints" threads. :shake:

I've never had anyone ask to borrow Chapstick, and I would never ask anyone. If someone asked I would say no. Chapstick just isn't something to be shared.


chapstick is a lipstick for dry lips?

i don't usually use it. but if i did, i wouldn't give it to any one. it's something too personal.


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I would never ask to borrow someone's chapstick, it's got all their germs and things on it.

I would never let anyone borrow my chapstick if they asked. I don't want them touching it with their lips or anything. It's something that should have a single user.


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I don't use it and I would never ask to use anyone elses. It's a pretty gross idea.
I buy Vaseline and I let people use that but I tell them they're only allowed to put their finger in the tin once. Once it touches their lips they're not putting their finger back in.

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that's what she said
Man, I haven't used chapstick in ages. At the age that I was when I last used it semi frequently, I no doubt used my mum's. Other than that, no. I don't like the idea, it's like borrowing roll on deodorant. My cousin slept at my house recently and asked to use some deodorant in the morning so I told her it's not spray and she just gave me a funny "so what?" look, so I said ok, but you can keep it after you've used it, lol.


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so I said ok, but you can keep it after you've used it, lol.

I live in a fairly dry climate and chapstick comes in handy quite often. You'd think people would have some on hand. Surprisingly it's a fairly common question around here. The worst part is that more often than not I see people lending it out no problem. Uggh. That's not how I roll. :lol:


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I'm pretty sure i've used my sisters, and she has used mine at some point. It does kinda gross me out a little but I try not to think about it. Other than that, no.


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I'm not a chapstick user, really, so I don't pay attention much to this. I think I'm fine with lending/borrowing such to someone I wouldn't mind kissing on the lips, haha.


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I guess it's a derivative of living through Canadian winters? Chapstick (or Carmex, more often) is valuable stuff here! Provided said person didn't have cold-sores or anything like that, sure, I've got no trouble sharing with most people if they need it.

Although, I guess Carmex is easier, since you use your finger to apply.