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How often are you bored? What would be your first choice of activity to do if bored? Second choice, third.....? Are there times you find yourself getting bored faster?


It depends where I am and with who.
There are people and place that make me get bored.
I get easily bored as well as easily entertained.

I don't find myself getting bored often. The only time I'll get bored is when I'm home all day and don't go out/go to work.
Other than that, nothing else bores me for real.

Usually Sundays are boring for me.
The shops are closed, bars/restaurants. Streets are empty, friends spend time with their families and GF is dead.
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yellow 4!
I get bored from time to time but there's always something to do. Usually I'll feel the boredom if I'm not doing anything and I can't be bothered to do anything. So it's self-inflicted. Doesn't stop me from complaining about it though. :D

If I'm bored I'll click around the net for ages or play freecell or go sit downstairs and wait for someone to hang out with me.


Where is my Queen?
I get bored at work, even though I am working my ass off. I'll get bored during a crappy movie, or just get bored playing video games. Things that keep me away from boredom are jogging, video games, and that's about it.


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If my day to work is in the warehouse then I get soooo bored soooo easy. Basically, I just load up people trucks with whatever they order. Mattress. Table. TV. I usually get about 5 people a day, over the course of a 9 hour day lol so I get super bored.

Strangely, my first choice of activity would probably just be sitting around like I do at the warehouse, but at home. Not sure why but I can be doing the exact same thing at work and be amazingly bored but if I do it at home Im content :nod:


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Right now! :stare: Everybody's late and we were suppose to leave at 6!

If I have to wait I can get tooo bored to wait and I leave. But if I don't have to wait for something/someone then no way! There's a bazillion things I do and wanna do and I can't even sit down to watch a whole movie. If it's at a theatre, I have to go back and watch some more again later. If it's a DVD, I'll watch and do something else and then remember when I stopped watching. Then I have to watch it again. I hate sitting down and especially at school! When I leave home I'll never get bored cause I'll never get stopped! :D


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Probably all the time as I am on the holidays, it's so depressing man, I actually miss school. When I am bored, I try to pass time by watching a movie or playing PS3.
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I'm always bored, unless I am out on a trip or something. I can't wait until college, or to get a Saturday job.
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/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
How often are you bored? What would be your first choice of activity to do if bored? Second choice, third.....? Are there times you find yourself getting bored faster?
I'm rarely bored these days because when there's nothing to do, I know I have movies and shows I can watch and catch up with. Last week my computer broke and I thought I'll bore so easily, but then I found my stack of books waiting to be read so I kept myself occupied.

Also, just playing loud music and dancing to it amuses me. I think the trick is just findng what you like doing or like seeing. If you surround yourself with those, there's lesser chance to be bored. Also helps if you like yourself haha. I told my friend, even when I'm alone, I like the company I keep.


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Usually when I'm bored there is something else I could always be doing but I'm just being a lazy ass.

Like right now, I'm bored but I know there's a bunch of stuff around the house that I could be doing instead of sitting on my butt and posting.
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