Are you bored?

Well, this is a place for you people. Share your boredom, treat this thread as badly as you like, so long as you are emphasising just how bored you are.

I am very bored. Explains why I have a sheet of paper in front of me with nothing but scribbles on it.


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I had a person say to me once, how can you get bored??
With so many books and so much television, yardwork to do...places to go see....~LoL~
But fact is, people do get bored.
I have lots of things to do...paint, I could go thru clothes in my closets, clean out my closets, give some to charity....I could read a book or a magazine.
I could drive to the park and take a walk or a run.
When I'm at work, I get bored, and I browse the internet~
It just takes a certain motivation to get me to want to do certain things, but I am not one to sit still....I have to always be doing something.
When I sit in front of this computer here at home, I will make a post or two here...get up, do something in my home, come back, pop into another there...then come back here....then get up and finish a paint project..and so forth~