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You, sir, are an ASSHAT!!
how do u deal with boredom? what do u do to pass the time when u are bored? i personally either get on a forum or chat room or play TONS of video games. i rarely read or do anything like that, though i really should.

so, what do u do for fun?


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Well, if beating the meat count, yeah, I am in.

But seriously, I'll read, or chat on MSN.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I dick around on here, read, play video games, drive, go see my daughter, or wank. They all work for me.



fucking char lim


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I bludgeon the beafsteak, beta test my hardware, play a little five on one, squeeze the cream from the flesh twinkie, wrangle the invertebrate serpent. I also hold my sausage hostage, play tug of war with the cyclops, abuse the usual suspect, and manually increase the surface temperature of the ship's primary cannon by repeated linear manipulation.


Registered Member
Lets see. Forums, Secondlife, myspace, cook and Guitar Hero.

Oh, and to stay in the spirit with everyone else in this thread, I occasionally twirl the bean as well ;)


bludgeon the beafsteak...thats perfect

love it.


still nobody's bitch
fucking corona, man. you gotta love him.

i hang around here when i'm bored.
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