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Boots on the ground


I'm serious
I recently posted a thread about fighting rhino poaching by legalizing the rhino horn trade. I wanted to share this video here as well. A friend of mine is the filmmaker on this program called Boots on the Ground. It's an initiative to actively try and stop rhino poaching. I plan on going down to this protrack group to see how I can help with this initiative in the summer (November or December).

I'm mainly posting this video in the hopes of getting some feedback from a group of people (enters GF) on this video and program, so please share your thoughts on this, I will really appreciate it.

Warning, this video contains disturbing imagery and is not for the faint hearted.

Boots on the Ground - Trailer on Vimeo


Free Spirit
Staff member
I hope they are successful. I've seen documentaries on Rhino poaching and its heart breaking to see one of these beasts laying on the ground bleeding to death because some low life useless excuse of a human being cut their horn out.


I'm serious
It's really a massive problem and cause for concern here in SA. They are fast becoming extinct, which would be a crying shame. There have been all kinds of campaigns to save the rhinos. I just hope it's enough. No animal should ever go extinct, but the rhino especially is an amazing animal and beautiful creation. I would hate to see these animals be wiped off the earth for no-one to ever experience their existence again. :(
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