What kind do you prefer? Big tall ones, or more manageable short ones. Do you like them skinny or wide?

What do you keep on them?

I like my bookshelves to be decently sized. for my apartment I like 4 foot tall ones, so they'll be easier to move. But a good big one is nice too.

I use my bookshelves for DVDs, and Books, as well as using them to display my figurines.


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short and wide for me. I keep my reading books and my networking textbooks on two of the shelves and my WoW figurines on the top along with the router and modem.
The only bookshelves I have are two planks of wood that run across two sides of my room, half way-ish up the wall. Not vertical ones, I don't have the floor space for those...


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I have a big tall bookshelf in the corner of my room. Filled with books, so many I'm gonna have to start storing books under my bed soon.


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i like tall and thin book shelves, im tall so i can reach them easily and they also dont take up so much ground space.... i have one in my room

in my book shelf i keep DVD's, PS2 games, books, perfume, ornaments, candles one of my clocks, and just about anything really, folders for college. lol very useful thing to have....a bookshelf
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I like it to be medium in height and wide, so I don't have to reach that far for the top things and have it wide for more space to put things.


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I have a few long ones on my wall.

I always promise to restrict the usage to books and computer games but within weeks they're covered in clutter and crap.

At this moment in time there's paper work, trophies and a coke can on one of them and the other has a few old books.


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Tall ones. My bookshelves cover the living room wall (about 80%). They have books, CDs, DVDs and little stuff that don't fit anywhere else. I like the feeling of walking into a library when I see it.


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I have an entertainment stand that is 3 pieces with one section with nothing but books and I actually just had to box some of them which turned out to be 6 boxes when I ran out of boxes because I had no where else to put the books and still have tons left in there. The other two sections contain my TV, DVD, VHS, radio, CDs, cookbooks, games, etc. As soon as I can afford it though I'm getting rid of them and getting something smaller because these things take up a HUGE amount of space at almost 6 ft tall.


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For me it all depends on the room the shelves are in. For my living room i have 4 tall skinny shelves for DVDs, CD's, Video games and then in the loft I have two tall and wide shelves for books. Then in my office I have long glass shelves and display cubes and cases.

I want to have built in shelves made in the living room for all my wifes porcelain dolls and nick knacks.

My son has a tall and wide bookshelf as well as 3 gravity shelves in his room and in the tiny masters room he has two gravity shelves.