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Discuss Books to real life


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I'm wondering if you have ever read a book and you think, WOW, I wish that would happen to me. I'll have to say that it has happen to me many times. Some may think its stupid to daydream like that because of a book. I think we all feel things deep inside and certain books have a habit of bringing those thoughts to the for front.
Have you ever had those kind of thought run through your mind?


You mean like every single day of my childhood when I read Harry Potter and wished I was a witch? Like the times I used to read the redwall series, and wished I was a strong armoud-clad warrior, leading an army to battle? All those times I wished I was in a land of dragons and magical beings instead of living in my own boring town?

I basically lived in books growing up, I almost felt like I was in those places sometimes.


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Yep, just like that. We seem to forget that book can take us to places we've never been before. We can dream about those things, fall in love with the charaters, wish we could be them, do what their doing. A good story always grabs you, becomes a page turner. Wishing for things that may never come true.
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