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Books That Are Better in Audio Format


Secret Agent
Staff member
I've been listening to a ton of audiobooks over the past few years. Close to 80 or so if I were to count.

Normally, I'd say that the audio format is more of a convenience, however, every once in a while, I listen to a book and the narrator's delivery and performance is so incredible that I feel reading it on my own would be missing out.

Have you come across this with audiobooks?

The best example that comes to mind from my recent reading list is Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss (Amazon affiliate link). It's a negotiation book (somewhat of a business book) written by the FBI's former top hostage negotiator. The delivery by Michael Kramer (known for the Wheel of Time fantasy series and other fiction narrations) adds an edge to the book that just wouldn't be there if I was reading a physical copy.

Besides the convenience of listening on the go, what audiobooks would you say are actually better in the audio format specifically due to the narrator's performance?


not a plastic bag
I've heard the Malcom Gladwell's new book is better in audio. Gladwell brought his podcasting skills to the audio book. So where there is a quote, he lets the author of that quote read it. Parts of the book are reenacted.
I need to get back into audio books myself.
Podcast and talk radio are singularly focused on one thing lately. I need to start feeding my brain other things.


Secret Agent
Staff member
Yeah I thought the preview of Malcolm Gladwell’s latest book gave a great example of how audiobooks could be in the future. It was an ambitious idea, but I feel it will be adopted by other authors going forward.

I don’t mind a straight up good narration, but with all that is being done with audio these days, I’ve often wondered when audiobooks would catch up. His book is taking full advantage of this. It’s a podcast/radio show/audiobook.

I’ve listened to most of his other books and he had a great voice for narration, so even though that’s all his older books were, I feel I still get more out of them than if I had just read one.
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