Booking flights online


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I was looking yesterday for international flight prices with KLM, yesterday, the deal was good, but today, looking to book the same times and dates, the prices has gone up nearly £100.00 :shocked:

Bloody hell.


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So true, they can change even within the same day. I use my travel agency to book flights. They can block the price and schedule for me even if I don't pay at the same time. But if I'm checking low cost flights, then I'm stuck with the online site. However, AirFrance/KLM usually offer lower rates during their promo periods, than my agency.


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The closer we get to Christmas the higher the prices will go. The holiday season is the most traveled time so they increase prices daily. So book your flight before they go up even more.


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When I was booking our flights to San Fran in the summer it was just going up and up and up by the day (sometimes a few times a day) so I just had to bite the bullet and get them.