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Booker T and Diesel


Sultan of Swat
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If you haven't watch the Rumble then turn away.

I'll change the thread title in a few days.

If you watched the Rumble last night then you saw Booker T and Diesel, both got two of the biggest pops of the night. Diesel looks in really good shape, same thing with Booker T.

My question to you guys is would you like to see them on a full-time basis? Do you believe they could contribute to the Main Event scene?

Also did anyone think of a possible Big Show/Diesel feud since both of them stared at each other after Diesel was walking about the backstage area.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Was so pumped when I saw both Booker T and Diesel make their entrances! Booker T definitely got the biggest pop when he made his entrance and what about his spinner roony, the crowd reaction was insane!!!!!

Morrison as we already talked about in the other thread was just EPIC! I was so hoping he wouldn't slip lol! And when jumped onto the stairs I was hoping nothing went wrong, but IT DIDN'T! HE DID IT! :)

As for hornswoggle in the rumble, I guess I'm going to be the only one that enjoyed his prescence! It's about entertainment, and while he was in the ring, doing his comedic stunts, I was laughing my butt off, and in that case, I was fairly entertained when he and Cena teamed for that little while.

New Nexus were EPIC! Seriously....man when they dominated the rumble, I really loved it, and was just wondering who was going to take them out, and of course CENA came to the rescue :D:D

I also noticed when Alex Riley got eliminated too, there was some confusion there, I don't think he was meant to be eliminated at that time, just looking at Cena and Kofis reaction you can tell LOL!

As for the matches, the divas was OK, but still a let down! I was expecting a bigger name instead of Eve Torres, and her winning was just a slap in the face as well LMAO!

Championship matches were really good, I actually thought Edge vs Ziggler was the more entertaining of the two, of how Edge got around the whole Spear stipulation, and the homage to Christian was really something! Props to Ziggler too, he was amazing in that match, he's really quite the performer!

I kinda thought the Miz and Orton match was alright, but felt kinda the same? Nothing new really, but it was still a fairly good match, the one part in the match I thought was a good highlight was when Orton threw riley into the new nexus, nearly laughed myself into a coma!

Overall! It was a really good Rumble! CM PUNK is legend! He had me in stitches lol! Daniel Bryan did pretty well too, gotta love his european uppercut show down with regal, and how regal was repeatedly kicked in the chest like a gazillion times! LMAO! :p:p


Sultan of Swat
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SP, did you even read the OP? The thread isn't about the Royal Rumble, its about if you would like to see Booker T and Diesel(or one or the other) on a full-time basis with the WWE. It seemed like most of the fans loved them last night, and they didn't look out of place either.


Living in Ikoria
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In my opinion, I could see Booker main eventing again for a while. I think he still is in good enough shape to do so.

While I don't mind Diesel wrestling, if he does, he's not good for the main event anymore. He can be entertaining in the ring, but because of the shape his legs are in I just don't see him being in the main event or making a huge contribution....just kind of a here and there sort of thing.
Also, just wanted to add that the stare-down between him and Show was probably (just my best guess) and acknowledgment of their history. Both as members of the nWo and as rivals (who's going to forget Nash as "Big Sexy, the Giant Killer").
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Where is my Queen?
I don't think Nash will be with WWE on a full time basis, I kind of see him as the behind the scenes type of guy. Booker T probably won't be used either although it would be nice to see him full time in the ring again. Booker T will probably be an announcer for Smackdown.


Sultan of Swat
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Here's some information about Booker T and Kevin Nash.

411mania.com: Wrestling - Updates On Kevin Nash, Booker T and Awesome Kong

I didn't know that they signed Booker T to a long-term deal, that's fantastic. I think Booker T can offer so much and could become a valuable wrestler to the roster. He probably doesn't want a full-time schedule anymore, but it looks like he's going to have a valuable role.

I was so happy that these two guys got a huge pop last night, they truly deserve it. No offense to TNA, but they don't get 15,000 fans at their arenas, and these two guys probably loved every second of last night.

PS: There's some information on Awesome Kong in there too.


Haters gonna hate.
Well to be exact, Nash has signed a Legends deal with the WWE. Limited wrestling, but mostly a Flair-style role from before he left for TNA. Booker will be an announcer on Smackdown if I am correct.


Sultan of Swat
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Sorry dude! I remember the thread title being Royal Rumble something a few days ago lol! :p
Again dude, you have to read the thread itself, not just the title. I clearly stated in the thread that I'll change the thread title in a few days. The reason why I called it Royal Rumble spoilers is because I didn't want to ruin it to anyone who hadn't seen the Rumble yet. Just make sure to read the OP next time please.


Problematic Shitlord
I hope we get to see Diesel wrestle more, his pop was enormous.

Also, I haven't heard Booker announcing but a friend of mine mentioned that he did a fantastic job during his first broadcast.